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What We Do

We repair Apple Macbooks & iMacs, Windows Based Laptops & Desktop PCs Down to Component Level.

We perform all the usual software repairs, virus removal and OS installs. But what makes us different to most repair shops, is we also repair down to component level. What this means is we carry out repairs to logic boards which is the main circuit board in the modern Macbook. This saves you money as often the board can be repaired rather than replaced.

We specialise in liquid damaged Macbook & Laptop repair for business and consumers alike as well as other repair shops.


Expert Repairs

Our in-house Repair technicians have many years of experience repairing many different models of laptops, Macbooks PCs, and iMacs.

Unlike most repair companies. we carry out repairs down to component level using the latest repair equipment such as Microscopes, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Hot Air Rework Stations and Soldering Stations with Bench PSUs, Amp Meters and more. We also perform complex BGA rework. If we cannot fix it, it is unlikely anyone can!

We Sell Stuff Too!

We have a small retail outlet in the centre of Tewkesbury attached to our workshop. We sell a wide range of computer accessories.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service. If you want some advice or to chat about a product or potential computer purchase or an issue you are having with your device, we are more than happy to help out – so come and see us. No appointment necessary – check our contact us page for our opening hours.


We Can Come to Your Home or Business

We also carry out repairs at your home or business. These are normally for those repairs that cannot be carried out off-premises such as printer or internet related issues. In some cases we can carry our other repairs if required – please call us to discuss. Otherwise, we have found that most complex repairs are better conducted in our fully equipped workshops. But if needed we can collect and return your device for repair from anywhere in the UK.

CSD – A Brief History

Complex Systems Direct Ltd (CSD) was formed by Steve who was born in Portsmouth UK. As a young child much to his parent’s annoyance he was always taking electronic devices apart almost as soon as he could walk! At the tender age of 10 years old Steve discovered a local Computer Shop (GB Microland) where he wrote some basic code on their display models (without permission!) The owner was so impressed he let Steve use the display computers to write basic programs. This was really the catalyst that launched Steve’s interest in computing.

Later in life Steve worked developing software for a finance company as well as developing various software applications for other companies. Later, he took on the role of technical manager for a major computer manufacturer. Some years later leaving to work for a private company providing clinical
software support to the NHS. Throughout his career, Steve’s ethos of “Do the
Job Right First Time” was not always shared and it was this frustration that led him to setup up his own company which today is still operating on the same principle – “Do the Job Right First Time”.

From humble beginnings in 2001 providing his services to business and residential customers alike, in 2005, Steve leased a retail shop in Tewkesbury offering customers a first class repair service. Specialising in Macbook and Laptop repairs they routinely carry out repairs to the logic board even if it has suffered a liquid spill and has been classed as non-repairable. With state of the art equipment to facilitate component level repairs and the “Repair it Right First Time” ethos – this separates Steve and the company from most other Computer Repair companies. The company regularly takes on repairs that
other companies can’t or won’t touch along with carrying out repairs for many small Computer Shops. They also carry out the more conventional repairs such as software repairs due to a corrupt or infected Operating System or from OS updates that have failed.

So, if you have a Laptop, Desktop PC, Macbook or iMac that you would like repaired, want a fair price, great no-nonsense service then why not contact CSD and let us help to get your device back up and running again. They are based in Tewkesbury, and cover Cheltenham, Gloucester & Nationwide. When
you want your device repaired right first time – choose CSD.

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