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CSD Supports the “Right To Repair” movement and every year prevents thousands of devices from ending up in landfill. This is now trendily called “Green”. We believe it is common sense. We carry out repairs to component level at a high standard and cheaper than most manufacturer repairs or the cost of replacing the device.

Trading since 2003 we are established and excel in providing repairs and refurbished devices with a full 12 month warranty. Our refurbished products are mostly certified manufacturer refurbished or from our long standing trading relationships with specialist third party refurbishers and occasionally, we will refurbish devices ourselves. We are very selective on devices we sell so as to ensure a positive experience for our customers. Most devices are indistinguishable to that of a brand new product.

The list below is just an a sample and is only a selection available from our suppliers. It is better to call or email as this list is not updated very often as we are too busy repairing devices.

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