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We’ve tried to answer the most common questions below. But, if you have a question and it’s not answered below – please do get in touch and we’ll provide an answer.

Sometimes, we get asked by our customers on how to thank us if we have provided them with free advice that has helped them out or they were just really pleased with work we carried out. Well now you can - click the link below and you can buy us a coffee or a cold beer safely and securely. You don't have to to of course, but a big thanks to all of our customers for just being our customers!

What Devices Do You Repair?

We repair ALL makes and models of Windows Desktop PCs, All In Once PCs, Laptops, Apple Desktops, iMacs, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Linux PCs and Laptops. We do NOT repair: Microsoft Surface Range of Products, the Macbook A1534 only, Phones of any type, Tablets of any type or Smart Watches of any type.

Why Can’t you take a look and find out what’s wrong for free?

Why don’t we offer free diagnosis? The reason is because to be 100% sure that the diagnosis of an unknown fault is correct, you have to replace or repair the suspect part which means doing much of the work involved in the repair up front which costs us in time, test equipment costs and parts.

If we offered a true, free diagnosis then we could not afford to work this way. Like some repair companies that we have researched that claim to offer a free diagnostic, what they actually do is to make a best guess without opening the machine up and confirming the fault. Sure you can guess right based on experience, but a lot of the time they will then find other faults during the repair and the price of your repair keeps going up, and that’s a false economy which we don’t believe is in our customer’s best interests.

It’s also important to note that the diagnostic fee is deducted from your total repair cost if you decide to proceed. So in effect, you ONLY pay a diagnostic fee if you choose NOT to proceed with the repair.

If you have an obvious fault like a broken screen or just want a ball park figure based on the fault as you describe it, we are happy to provide a best guess based on our experience but you need to be aware, there may be other reasons for the fault or additional faults and the price of the repair can change once a full diagnostic/assessment has been carried out.

What Does a Diagnostic Involve?

Our diagnostic is an in depth assessment of your device covering all main areas of your device for correct functioning using a variety of test and diagnostic hardware and software as well as of course an experienced tech. A checklist of main items tested during your diagnostic is provided when you collect your repair.

How much does a repair cost?

Prices vary for different faults, and for different model devices. It is very difficult to provide a price without seeing the item and correctly diagnosing what the problem is. If you really want a ball park price – contact us and we will see if we can provide an indicator of pricing for your particular case.

I tried to repair my Device myself and Failed OR Another Repair Company Tried to Fix it and Failed – Will you still look at my device?

If you or another repair company have tried to repair it yourself and failed, please let us know in as much detail what work has been carried out we may still be able to help you. Sometimes, there may be additional costs due to the increased amount of time it will take to diagnose/assess a failed repair – but this will depend on the work carried out. Occasionally, we may decline to work on a device that has already been worked on. In all cases, it will speed up the process if you are upfront about any repair attempts.

We do not accept board-only repairs.

We only work on devices when the full machine is sent – we do not work on board only repairs where the logic board is sent by itself. There are no exceptions to this.

How may I pay?

Mail-in repairs can be paid via most major debit/credit card (excluding AMEX) or you can pay via bank transfer – our bank details for the bank transfer are included on your invoice. In our store, you can pay via most major debit/credit card (excluding AMEX), you can pay by ApplePay or AndroidPay also.

How long does a repair take?

This really depends on what you’re having done. Most repairs are completed within 2-5 working days of receipt of the device. Logicboard repairs can take longer depending on the severity of the issue such as liquid damage.

For your particular situation, feel free to email or call us to inquire about the turnaround time for your particular device.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes: before you send a repair, don’t forget to Fill out the form. 😉

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