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If you can break it, we can fix it!


MacBook Liquid Damage Repair


Spilled liquid on your MacBook? Don't lose hope. Liquid damage MacBooks fall right in our area of expertise.

MacBook Logic Board Repair


We can repair your existing logic board, and not just replace it as many repair stores would recommend. 

General MacBook Repair


Bad keyboard or trackpad? Battery not holding charge? We can help!

General Computer/Laptop Repair


We fix Windows laptops and desktop computers including iMacs also.
Whatever your problem, contact us to see how we can help!

Liquid Damage 

Liquid and electronics don't mix. MacBooks have "always on" power rails which means even if you turn off the device, liquid still has the potential for causing damage, and corrosion will almost always set in within a couple hours of spilling liquid on your device. This is serious as corrosion has the potential of destroying critical components inside your device. 

The good news is that we are liquid damage repair specialists and specialize in component level logic board repair. We can repair your damaged logic board for much less than the cost of replacement. 


No Power 

No power can be caused by a multitude of issues. Sometimes no power can be caused by something simple such as a corroded trackpad cable or bad battery, but more often than not, it indicates a issue with the logic board. The picture shown is a image of a MacBook Air logic board with a failed capacitor on its main power rail.  

No Backlight

Hear the startup chime but see nothing on the screen? Shine a flashlight through the Apple logo on the
back of the screen. You will usually be able to see a faint image on the screen. This is caused by the
screen's LED strips not receiving power which is incredibly common after liquid damage. It typically is
caused by a failed backlight driver chip, which supplies power to the screen. More often than not, the
corrosion from liquid damage will also destroy a trace leading to the chip which will require a very small
jumper wire (About the size of a human hair) to be run under the chip. The image to the left shows a
backlight driver chip replacement and the logic board had 3 missing pads from severe corrosion. 3
jumper wires have been run and this image was taken after the repair – before the board went in the
ultrasonic cleaner.


Not Charging

Not charging after liquid damage is relatively common. It can be caused by both a battery issue or a logic board issue. If your battery displays a percentage greater than 5%, the issue is more likely to be a logic board problem, while a percentage below 5% (Most often 0% or 1%) is more likely to be a battery issue. 

Random crashing

Random crashing can be caused by a number of things. On liquid damaged devices, random crashing is usually caused by corrosion under the CPU and RAM chips. 


Trackpad and keyboard issues

Trackpad and keyboard issues are common after liquid damage. On most MacBooks made after 2012, the trackpad acts as the "brain" for the keyboard, so if the trackpad gets damaged, the keyboard will also stop working. Dead and sticky keys are also common after liquid damage. 

Something else?

WiFi or Bluetooth not working?Audio issues or something else that isn't quite right? We can take care of it! 



Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with something!

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