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Just some of what we can fix


No Power

No power is usually caused by a logic board issue, especially after liquid damage. It can also be caused by a faulty or damaged power socket.


Running Slow

fail boot.png

Fails Boot

This normally caused by a failing hard disk or a software issue with Windows updates or malware.

A failing hard disk can cause this issue too as can Windows becoming corrupted.

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Broken Screen


Keyboard Issues



We can replace almost any screen for any laptop.

After a liquid spill even a minor one, it is often noted that some keys will stop working or output random characters. We can replace the keyboard for you.

Click on the wrong thing, open a suspect attachment in an email or more commonly install a bogus software application to try to resolve another problem yourself and the chances are you will inadvertently install some malicious malware. We can clean your system without losing your files or needing to reinstall Windows again.



Running Slow?

We can fix this issue and get your device running better than new.

fail boot.png

Fails to Load into Windows?

We can get you back up and running in no time.


How to send a device in for repair.



All Repairs include free return shipping.


Assessment / Diagnostics

Standard Workshop Repair

Motherboard Repair (non-gaming)

Prices incl. VAT


Assessment and Diagnostic of the issue.
Authorisation sought before repairs carried out
that exceed the standard repair fee. Only payable if repair declined.

Includes return shipping

Prices incl. VAT


This is our standard labour charge
For all repairs excluding parts.
(motherboard repairs are not included)

Includes return shipping

Prices incl. VAT


Repairs carried out to logic board and includes replacement components such as capacitors, resistors,
and other small ICs. Includes using jumper wires and restoring damaged pads.
For Gaming Laptops - Please contact us

Includes return shipping

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